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Cultural Integration; Inter 'fill-in-the-blank' relationships; 'Other' on survey forms; I live here, but I'm from there... Let's face it, some of us are mixing it up and others are staying the course and either way, it's OK. It's a beautiful thing being a kind and accepting human being; seeing that with each generation, prejudice becomes more and more intolerable as we grow to accept each other for who we are and where we come from and leave each other, our fellow man, at peace and happiness. Let's continue to share who we are, where we come from, where we live, share our foods, our music, our arts, our skills, our beliefs, our recipes for life - let's educate each other and learn to accept the wonderfully growing diversity of this planet we live on and help each other understand that we can peacefully live and share our differences and similarities side by side all in positive spin. We are after all a Hyphen Nation.

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Community Services > Mentoring

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